Layer2 Metro Ethernet Fiber WAN Solutions
Ethernet is the de facto standard in corporate LANs; and now the simplicity of Ethernet can be the backbone of your WAN. Whether you want to bridge your office to one of our data centers or connect branch offices, manufacturing facilities or suppliers, you can take advantage of one of our Ethernet WAN services. At this layer, data packets are encoded and decoded into bits. It furnishes transmission protocol knowledge and management and handles errors in the physical layer, flow control and frame synchronization. The data link layer is divided into two sublayers: The Media Access Control (MAC) layer and the Logical Link Control (LLC) layer. The MAC sublayer controls how a computer on the network gains access to the data and permission to transmit it. The LLC layer controls frame synchronization, flow control and error checking.
Virtual Private LAN Service
VPLS is a way to provide Ethernet based multipoint to multipoint communication over IP/MPLS networks. It allows geographically dispersed sites to share an Ethernet broadcast domain by connecting sites through pseudo-wires.
VPLS is a virtual private network (VPN) technology. In contrast to L2TPv3, which allows only point-to-point layer 2 tunnels, VPLS allows any-to-any (multipoint) connectivity.
In a VPLS, the local area network (LAN) at each site is extended to the edge of the provider network. The provider network then emulates a switch or bridge to connect all of the customer LANs to create a single bridged LAN.
Use virtual private LAN service (VPLS) over a carrier Ethernet network to provide a WAN that is configured like a LAN or campus area network (CAN). Pros: simple, support any-to-any connectivity with CoS/QoS; high performance; lowest total cost of ownership.
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Internet T1 (DS1) Business Voice and Data Circuits
Layer2 Communications T1 (DS1) Data Line Service is available in full T1 with speeds at 1.5 Mbps (Megabits per second) are symmetrical, meaning that downloads and uploads are equally fast. All Layer2 Communications T1 lines come with Service Level Agreements guaranteeing your uptime and support. Layer2 Communications supports multiple Network Interface Devices (NID) required to connect your network to the T1 line. You can either purchase the standard equipment provided by Layer2 Communications or supply
your own equipment.
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Hosted Virtual PBX Voice Over IP (VoIP)
Layer2 Communications virtual hosted PBX uses Voice over Internet Protocol, telephone calls are sent over a broadband Internet connection via either a managed or unmanaged data network – either a private network or the public Internet – and then connected to the public phone system (PSTN). Your company provides the telephones and connections and we provide the virtual hosted PBX services. Typical PBX services include the basics of answering incoming phone calls under a main company number and then routing calls appropriately to individual employees or employee groups ACD queues (Automatic Call Distribution). In addition to these standard services, Layer2 Communications virtual hosted PBX offers a large variety of value-added features.The Hosted VoIP – SIP Phone System PBX is offered as a service, you do not need to install or maintain any phone switch hardware or software to get all our benefits. We set up and maintain state-of-the-art hardware and software at our secure site and give access to you and your customers. You will need to have a working telephone for each employee or location that wants to receive calls. Layer2 Communications hosted virtual PBX works with any kind of phone, including land-based phones, cellular phones, VOIP phones, and more.
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Data Center Colocation Cage, Cabinet or Single “U” Space
Layer2 Communications proven data solutions span intercity, metro, colocation and Internet access services, for end-to-end network solutions. You can access quality and diversity across our extensive North American and European footprint. Our services come with a commitment to collaboration and flexibility, to meet and change with your unique business requirements.Colocation allows you to own and control your hardware and applications while we provide a robust, secure environment. Power, network, and environmental systems have been deployed using an N+1 or system-plus-system configuration. If any one of the three core systems (power, Internet access, or environmental systems) were to experience a failure, the secondary system would take over and could support our entire customer load at full capacity. This design makes it possible to meet our corporate objective of 100% availability.
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Managed Dedicated Dell Server Services: Routers, Switches, Servers & Networks
Whether it is a single server need or a mission critical system when failover is a requirement there is a cost effective solution Layer2 Communications can provide. In mission critical systems with failover requirements we will create a system that runs Heart Beat between two servers behind a dedicated firewall. The client utilizes a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to communicate with the servers for a highly secure environment.
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Multimedia CD & DVD Creation
Whether you simply would like an offline version of a webcast or an interactive DVD video to deliver your message, Layer2 Communications is capable of developing all types of disc based presentations. Just let us know your media objective and our team will identify a solution for you.