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Schools Back. Learn how to Elevate the Classroom Experience With Better School WiFi and Onboarding

The classroom of tomorrow promises an amazing education. Blended learning, flipped classrooms, digital curriculum and other modern learning models can better engage students and help educators be more effective. But they also create new challenges for schools and their overtaxed IT teams. Instead of lesson plans depending solely on skilled teachers, they depend on consistent,

Retail Wi-Fi Solutions

Make the Most of Your Retail Wi-Fi Network If you're a retailer on the fast track for growth, L2C retail Wi-Fi solutions can play a greater role in your success. We ensure that customers stay happily connected when visiting your locations. We help you promote your brand and engage with customers. And we give you

Wi-Fi Everywhere

Layer2 Communications specializes in Dedicated Internet, Warehouse Wi-Fi and SD-WAN Management for Multi-Location companies. L2C offers Simply Better Wireless and Wired Connections We innovate across wireless and wired technology to meet industry-specific needs. And we provide high-performance, secure, reliable access to applications and services no matter how tough the environment. L2C offers a complete line

Juniper SRX550 Firewall

SRX550 Overview The SRX550 Services Gateway is an all-in-one solution that consolidates security, routing, switching, and WAN connectivity into a single 2 U device. It is a robust, highly flexible device for next-generation security, delivering enterprise-class networking for protecting today’s medium-to-large branch locations and supporting up to 5.5 Gbps firewall, 1 Gbps IPsec VPN, and

Layer2 SD-WAN Silver Peak

Partnered with Silver Peak, L2C’s SD-WAN solution is versatile and unique. Offering both broadband and hybrid WAN, Silver Peak’s software forms a virtual overlay on your existing IT network so that you won’t have to replace any hardware. This makes the switch or integration with MPLS extremely convenient. LEARN MORE

PowerEdge R6415 Rack Server

PowerEdge R6415 Rack Server High-density compute for scale-out workloads Bring high-density computing to your data center with the PowerEdge R6415. This efficient single-socket rack server is specially tuned for virtualization and scale-out software-defined storage. Benefit from rich storage performance with up to 10 NVMe drives. With the enterprise-class AMD EPYC™ processor, the R6415 provides up

Wi-Fi Everywhere

Get Wi-Fi Everywhere with L2C Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Solutions expertly integrated for: Warehouses Retail Hospitals Hospitality Schools Public Buildings Outdoor Venues and more

More Benefits of SD-WAN

Assure Business Intent with Advanced Application Visibility and Control Gaining visibility into the traffic running across the WAN is the first step toward gaining control. Silver Peak SD-WAN solutions not only provide deep application intelligence but also give IT the ability to align application priority and performance to business intent. Enterprises benefit from unprecedented levels

Top Benefits of SD-WAN

Building a Better WAN with a Complete Solution Not all SD-WANs are created equal. By building a better WAN with Silver Peak, customers realize an extended range of benefits: Lower WAN OPEX and CAPEX Greater business agility and responsiveness Increased application performance across the WAN Assure business intent with advanced application visibility and control Robust

SD-WAN Explained

What is SD-WAN and why is enterprise adoption skyrocketing? Geographically distributed enterprises are embracing Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) at an accelerating pace. Why? Because SD-WANs not only dramatically lower costs, they help businesses become more agile by enhancing business productivity. As applications continue to move to the cloud, networking professionals are quickly realizing that