AT&T Network-Based IP VPN Remote Access

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Solve Your Remote Access Needs With a Solid Networking Environment AT&T Network-based IP VPN Remote Access solutions are designed to provide secure, reliable remote access of critical applications across a unified global platform – the AT&T Global Network. Our dynamic routing to network based VPN via high speed backbone infrastructure is based on industry leading switching products and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), off ring consistent feature functionality on a global basis.
• Current network investments are optimized while evolving your network over to an integrated IP VPN solution
• Any-to-any communications with remote and local employees, customers and trading partners

• Reliability and security of an MPLS-based IP-enabled network that is transport and access type independent
• Business Continuity alternative option via Wireless WAN, enabled by WiFi and Cellular networks via the AT&T Global Network Client Networking on a Global Scale AT&T Network-based IP VPN Remote Access enables you to subscribe to hybrid VPN solutions based on IPSec and MPLS/FR/ATM – thus providing the best that both technologies have to offer – in a single, secure solution managed by AT&T.
• IPSec enables ubiquitous IP access, which is probably the single most important characteristic of a VPN (Secure access over Internet or any IP connection for maximum reach for single users or small sites)

Breadth of Access and Extended Global Reach
– Access via Dial, DSL, WiFi, ISDN, Mobile Wireless, 3rd party ISP
– Wireless WAN enabled by WiFi and Cellular networks
– Dial reach over 120 countries globally
– WiFi in over 50 countries
– Managed DSL in 11 countries Flexibility
– Remote access to the existing frame relay, ATM, IPeFR, EVPN and AVPN, including simultaneous access to the Internet
– User-friendly Client Software Resiliency Options and Reporting
– Mirrored, geographically separated, load-balanced network gateways
– Redundant egress connections
– Cellular back-up (via internal modem available U.S. only)
– Toll-free dial back-up to primary local dial access
– Advanced session level detailed reports