What Our Clients' Say About L2C

“Layer2 Communications supports services at all of our locations. I am able to focus on Lutheran priorities thanks to their reliable service and support. Layer2 has been proactive and very cost conscientious – they are professional and available when needed. We appreciate our long-standing partnership.”

Jane Brown, CFO

“I have worked with Layer2 for many years. I appreciate their commitment to delivering products and services that meet or exceed our needs. I have direct lines of communication and know that my network is in very good hands.”

Andrew Galeucia, Director of Technology

“It is always a pleasure working with Layer2. Their organization is professional and extremely knowledgable. They design, aggregate, implement and manage global VPLS networks knowing how their service impacts business productivity and processes –  taking action when needed and reporting on performance regularly.”

Chad Greeson, Senior Vice President

“The Layer2 team has always been responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Our business has experienced growth and success thanks to the time and effort Layer2 has spent understanding our business and customizing scalable products to fit our needs.”

Dominic Cashiola, President and CEO

“Layer2 is a true advocate for customers. The team is always striving for better performance, more streamline communication and sophisticated solutions that exceed customer needs. Companies in this industry use buzz words like ‘partner’ and ’solutions provider’… Layer2 delivers what others try to sell. They are a joy to work with!”

Maria Rudnick, Vice President

“We needed a technology solution that would help improve our data communications and productivity for warehouse operations from inventory control to sales order fulfillment; including our pick, pack, and ship functions.  Layer2 Communications was selected to execute the networking infrastructure refresh of both our wired and Wi-Fi solutions based upon their detailed engineering offering a dynamic network design.  Their proposal included a detailed cost performance analysis that sealed the deal for us.  Layer2 Communications provided sound project management and task execution throughout the project.  The refresh dramatically improved our network performance and ability to support the users in administration, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping.  The implementation went extremely well and I would not hesitate to select Layer2 Communications, if I had it to do all over again.”

R. Hataway, Director of Business Systems, Farouk Systems, Inc., Product distribution in over 100 countries worldwide

“Layer2 customized a private network that worked for AUMC exactly the way we needed it. We connected multiple buildings and made sure WiFi was seamless regardless of location or if walking between buildings. They helped with hardware and monitor our network 24x7x365 without missing a beat. I would recommend Layer2 for businesses looking for great customized service and support! “

Ray C.