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L2C Wi-Fi Delivers Education Wi-Fi Solutions to Campuses, Schools and Libraries

Elevate the Digital Learning Experience with Safe and Reliable Network Access

About 80% of schools report they are between Phase 2 and Phase 3, meaning they are moving to pervasive 1:1 or BYOD computing, with student-centered classrooms. Is this you? Where do you plan to be in 5 years? Will you be adopting more video for learning, like Zoom conferencing with guest speakers or Virtual Reality field trips? Or implementing school safety with CCTV cameras and digital displays?

What Are My I.T. Priorities

Each Phase requires an assessment of your IT priorities, which is likely to include broadband and network scaling, securing student data privacy, and mobile learning. As mobile learning increases the number of devices and video content on your network, your network infrastructure should be able to support the demand.

How Does This Fit in My School?

For many schools, a Wi-Fi access point in every other classroom may provide sufficient coverage and capacity, with edge switching to carry the data back to a closet or core switch and eventually to your Internet or Cloud service provider. For larger schools, or districts, L2C offers centralized management and security of your connections – and with multi-tenancy and high-availability options has provided Counties and Ministries of Education with the ability to manage the networks of their constituent schools

Why for My School?

As your school continues its digital transformation to 1:1 mobile learning, L2C WiFi helps you address the top three challenges of school IT: network scaling, securing student data privacy, and network reliability for digital instruction. Our goal is to help you provide a safe and reliable learning environment at an affordable price.