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Layer2 Technology Consulting Services offers clients a comprehensive approach to helping improve, troubleshoot or upgrade their network infrastructure and network services.

Technology Support – hardware configuration, troubleshooting, services selection, vendor management
Network Engineering – network design, configuration and support, network services & hardware implementation
Wireless – design, signal testing, troubleshooting and implementation support
RFP and RFQ Management
Project Management 


Layer2 will engage with the necessary stakeholders and begin identifying all relevant information about the project / request.

Implementation and Results

The oversight, coordination, testing and/or ownership of actions is closely monitored and documented to ensure objectives are clearly defined and goals are exceeded.


Professional and timely collaboration is conducted based on timelines and objectives. Face-to-face meetings, calls, video conferencing, data share via SFTP and site surveys may be required.

Communication & Coordination

Documentation customized to communicate information relating to the discovery results. Recommendations and Project Management timelines will clearly define actions, task ownership, milestones and objectives.

Network Diagrams

Carrier Selection

Project Implementation Oversight

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