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WiFi Solutions for Warehouses That Work

L2C Partnering with Ruckus Wireless Provides Full Coverage for Warehouses

Warehousing Wi-Fi

Warehouses can be incredibly hostile environments for operating Wi-Fi networks because they are filled with metal structures, unfriendly RF obstacles, competing handheld Wi-Fi devices, and sparse amounts of Ethernet cabling. More importantly, warehouses are in a constant state of flux with inventory continually moving in and out of vast spaces. This changes RF conditions, often having a dramatic effect on Wi-Fi performance as obstacles and interference cause connectivity and performance problems.

Wi-Fi is a cost-effective way for distributors to make their warehouse processes more efficient by allowing universal access to real-time inventory information and eliminating counting and picking errors. However, the inability to maintain consistent and high-speed Wi-Fi connections to weak handheld scanner and bar code readers has hampered its effectiveness. Warehousers around the world are now standardizing on advanced Wi-Fi systems that overcome these problems by adapting Wi-Fi transmissions automatically as RF conditions change, using sophisticated directional signaling technology that focuses and steers Wi-Fi traffic over the best path to each wireless device.

L2C WiFi for warehousing can expertly accommodate high WiFi interference, offering:

  • Industrial-strength WiFi with long-range signals that adapt by steering around obstacles
  • Flexible deployment with Smart Mesh Networking, so Ethernet connections aren’t necessary for network composition
  • Indoor and outdoor WiFi access points, managed together simultaneously
  • Simple, easy-to-use control options from a single interface

L2C WLAN Warehousing Solutions Are Ideal For:

  • Public Warehouses
  • Private Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouses looking to improve employee productivity by integrating a robust wireless network with preexisting internal databases
  • Facilities with Dead Spots


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