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Ethernet provides a scalable solution that can increase the number of service sites within a shared network.
Whether you require point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or any-to-any connectivity, Ethernet services simplify the process of upgrading outdated TDM equipment, connecting new locations, linking data centers, the cloud and much more. Ethernet provides a scalable solution that can increase the number of service sites within a shared network. It offers a low-cost networking option for multiple locations. Switched Ethernet provides high-speed, on-time performance while acting as the on-ramp to both the Internet and a customer’s VPN network.

Migrate your legacy network to Ethernet or expand your existing Ethernet WAN.

• Available in markets across North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

• Flexible bandwidth options ranging from 2 Mbps up to 100 Gbps

• Streamline your network. Help reduce your operating costs by standardizing your network on a single protocol and eliminating unnecessary equipment.

• Simplify management. Integrate functionality to define policies and scale bandwidth up or down via on-demand, scheduled and alerts-driven events.

Extend your reach. Use a single provider to extend your Ethernet footprint for both metro and global requirements.

Ethernet: Fast, familiar and flexible connectivity

Create a foundation for dependable, lightning-fast performance. Ethernet service supports voice, video and data applications while providing a vital on-ramp to the Internet and your VPN network. And with a range of bandwidth and configuration options that reach gigabit speeds, Ethernet service can be adapted to meet virtually any challenge.

Central to Ethernet’s flexibility is a new solution: AT&T Switched Ethernet ServiceSM with Network on Demand capability. With this solution, you can now plan, build and scale your network faster and with even greater control.

Bring your local sites even closer with Ethernet

Connect multiple sites with high speed that include gigabit Ethernet, and get greater control with the flexibility to grow. As your business evolves and new opportunities emerge, Ethernet can change with you—while also providing exceptional protection and continuity for applications across many different locations.

Easily provision and scale your network by taking advantage of Ethernet Service with a Network on Demand capability. With Network on Demand you have direct self-service access to scale bandwidth up or down, add new sites or change features in near real time.

Expand your business with Wide Area Ethernet

Help your enterprise reach its national or international potential. Wide Area Ethernet can enhance the breadth and consistency of your network by connecting your Metro Ethernet sites, data hubs and call centers.