Time is Critical to Secure Retail

As large, embarrassing data breaches continue to expose big box and e-commerce retailers around the world, retail CEOs and line-of-business executives can no longer afford to ignore security.

Retail organizations need to design a flexible and agile Store to Headquarters (HQ) network that will scale with a fast growing business.

LAYER2 COMMUNICATIONS, INC has partnered with Juniper Networks to provide a retail security solution that:

  • Protects against cyber-attacks from third party vendors like HVAC, Alarms, External Time Clock, etc.
  • Segregates and manages in-store and guest Wi-Fi. Control what employees and guest users can and cannot access online, through use policy and web-filtering.
  • Offers visibility and control of applications and the network to defend against the prolific growth of threats to network infrastructure, applications, and data.
  • Keeps up with bandwidth requirements as traffic volumes increase, helping to ensure employee productivity and business continuity.
  • Ensures system uptime and availability, 24/7, offering anytime, anywhere access for employees.