AT&T Network-Based IP-VPN Remote Access Services (ANIRA)


Solve Your Remote Access Needs With a Solid Networking Environment

AT&T Network-Based IP VPN Remote Access

Services (ANIRA) are designed to provide highly secure access to critical business applications regardless of location, access type or device across a unified global platform — the AT&T Global Network. Dynamic routing to AT&T VPN services via high-speed backbone infrastructure is based on industry leading switching products and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), offering you consistent feature functionality on a global basis.

Networking on a Global Scale

ANIRA enables you to subscribe to hybrid VPN solutions based on IPSec and MPLS — thus providing the best that both technologies have to offer — in a single, highly secure solution managed by AT&T.

  • IPSec enables ubiquitous IP access, which is probably the single most important characteristic of a VPN (Secure access over Internet or any IP connection for maximum reach for single users or small sites)
  • MPLS VPN or IP VPN provides reliable, high performance WAN

Potential Benefits

  • Breadth of Access and Extended Global reach
    – Consistent application capabilities for Small Office locations, as if they were at HQ
    – Back-up options for business continuity
  • Flexibility
    – Remote access to your VPN, including simultaneous access to the Internet
    – User-friendly Client Software
    – Small office/Home office solutions with robust back-up options for business continuity
  • Resiliency Options and Reporting
    – Mirrored, geographically separated, load-balanced network gateways
    – Redundant egress connections
    – Advanced session level detail reports


  • Extended roaming and Wi-Fi for remote access users
  • Simultaneous access to both internet and customer intranets
  • Secure narrow band or broadband access to the VPN for traveling users via AT&T Global
  • Secure broadband access to VPN for small branch locations
  • Extended reach and footprint for network based VPN services

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