Lower rates on AT&T MIS & VPN


Great new rates to kick off a great new year!

We’ve reduced our rates on AT&T Managed Internet Service (AT&T MIS) and high speed AT&T Virtual Private Network (AT&T VPN) services to give you a greater advantage in 2018.


You’ll see a full price reduction across all speeds, all tiers and all configurations of AT&T MIS, with an average drop of 15%!

In addition to the new rates, you can take advantage of these AT&T MIS incentives until Jan 31:
• AT&T MIS Regional Incentive
• AT&T MIS High Speed Incentive

AT&T VPN High Speed

You’ll find reduced rates on the 250MB, 500MB, 600MB and 1G AT&T VPN speeds, with an average drop of 25%!